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... Natural Floral Design, Using Seasonal, Organic, Home-Grown English Blooms.
We’re passionate about plants and all our flowers are home-grown. So, unlike most shop-bought blooms, they always reflect the changing rhythm of the seasons. Every one of our creations is unique.

We use traditional, old-fashioned and unusual varieties you’ll rarely find elsewhere. Our arrangements are laced with wildflowers, aromatic herbs and grasses as well as forgotten cottage garden favourites.

They’re often scented, too - dainty narcissi in spring; sweet peas and roses in high summer; fragrant foliage in winter, for example.

Natural and uncontrived, the hallmark of our flowers is a simple elegance and easy grace.

Unlike standard florists’ fare, our flowers are all hand-picked to order, so they couldn’t possibly be fresher. We condition them individually, according to variety, to give them the longest possible vase life.

We don’t use chemicals, and our flowers carry no air miles. All in all, they’re as ethical as it gets - as well as being incredibly beautiful!

© 2013. Real Country Flowers is based between Leeds and Bradford in Pudsey, West Yorkshire.  Natural, seasonal, British wedding and event flowers at their best.